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Where Ancient Holistic Therapies Merges With Modern Science.

The Holistic Approach: Working in partnership with the whole-body/skin.

Facial Therapies are more than just your average facial, they are skin care rituals customized and mindfully created ~just for you~

Addressing the root cause of your specific skin type & condition, taking in to consideration the whole-body, seasonal allergies, hormonal factors, various sensitivities, nutrition, daily lifestyle,  your overall well being, it’s all connected to the mind, body, spirit & soul, which will inspire a re-balancing. A result oriented luxurious and pampering facial, which will help to relieve the impact of daily stress from your face. Your skin will be revitalized, your spirit energized, your mind and whole body will feel amazingly relaxed. Relaxation is key!

By avoiding aggressive exfoliation procedures, incorporating healthy nutrition, a little help from science, purest effective ingredients, intuitive intentions, mindful movement, and adequate hydration, I will help you achieve your skin care goals so that you can embody your greatest self. By giving the skin what it needs to heal itself, your skin will be vibrant and have an outer glowing appearance, enhancing every aspect of your skins health and inner wellness


Utilizing old school and modern equipment modalities, various ancient massage techniques including Ayuredic Kansa, Chinese Facial Gua Sha,

 aka the Eastern Natural Facelift, Thai Herbal Poultice, holistic & science-based, targeted ingredients and proven holistic skin care methods that allow for immediate recognition, penetration of bioavaliable ingredients delivery into the skin, so the ingredients aren’t just sitting on the surface of the skin. 

This is the newest and most advanced holistic approach to caring for the skin.

These facials will give you outstanding and lasting results,

not just a (quick fix now) approach. No force, no injury, no harm.

One of my amazing Gua Sha teachers, Cecily Braden, has eloquently shared her thoughts about the perception of holistic beauty/holistic skin care, the stigma that is wrongfully attached to what the word (holistic beauty) truly represents.

β€œI want to debunk the myth that holistic skincare is "woo woo" and involves mystical wands, incense, prayers and chants to magically achieve results. That it isn't science based because it doesn't require medical equipment, doctors and harsh chemical peels and procedures.”

Holistic skincare is incredibly medical in its nature as we dive deep below the surface to understand its complexity, ignite its natural function and support the internal systems that affect it.


Holistic esthetics is an integrative science-based approach to skincare that views the body as a whole and recognizes that as the largest organ, the skin is the great communicator and indicates the health of the entire body.


Holistic esthetics is technique, not product based and we receive magical results by working in support of the systems of the body; lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, muscular, excretory and immune.


All body systems work in an interconnected manner to maintain the internal conditions essential for the function of the body and health of the skin.


And, it just feels good.”


A short list of answers to commonly asked questions;


Gluten free

Never tested on animals


100% non-toxic

Naturally sourced, eco-friendly ingredients

Scientific & Proven

Natural and bio-identical ingredients

Oncology friendly -specific products, ask

Leaping Bunny Certified

100% sustainability recycled packaging and shipping materials


Caring for various skin types & specific skin conditions, including;

Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Aging Skin Maintenance, Rosacea, Sensitized Sensitive Skin, Cancer Oncology Compromised Skin Conditions. 


I'm looking forward to seeing you glow from the inside out.

~Healthy Skin Starts Within~