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Things to consider...

Things you should be aware of on your first visit and subsequent visits thereafter.

In some cases, not to often, skin reactions take place, there is really no way to know how any products will react on anyone’s skin at any given moment, just shy of doing a test patch on your neck with every said ingredient and sending you home, which is unrealistic, we take risks when we apply anything to our skin, be it organic, which isn’t the do all be all, in my opinion, btw, (Yes, I absolutely use various organic ingredients), non toxic, healthy clean ingredients, etc., we know this, however, in the 30+ years I’ve been performing facials, hands on, there has been less than a handful of guests, that I’m aware of, who have had adverse reactions to anything I’ve used or done on them to the degree they were unhappy with my service. Unfortunately, it is what it is, even though I give my all and try my very best, because I love my profession and have a deep passion for helping others feel and look their best, I can’t make everyone happy, and or, I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and, that’s OK by me!

With that said, the word (Adverse) is quite a subjective word, especially in the skincare world.

We don’t know all of what’s going on physically, internally, emotionally, sometimes people don’t always tell all about their skin and whole mind- body journey during a facial skin history evaluation, nor do I expect you to, and or they may not even be aware, as we know many people don’t see a doctor unless something pressing is at hand, then they seek professional advice. Or, their emotional well being may be at unrest, which may prevent them from feeling their very best. Or, they may divulge and release their emotional unrest in one swoop, I look at it as, whatever anyone chooses to share, or not, is a gift and it’s a release they needed,

 I am honored and humbled to hold that space for you. 

This brings me to mention, that, Facial Therapies, may in rare occasions, mostly people with existing acne, cause skin to purge, (breakouts) this is a release of toxins and does not indicate a reaction to the service or the products, also including (the appearance of distended, enlarged capillaries) this is caused by increased stimulation, nutrition supply, and active ingredients which encourage repair, therefore the capillaries in those areas may become more visible in the beginning of the repair process. Flushing of the skins appearance may occur if your barrier is compromised, therefore, redness may be visible, this is due to stimulation, nutrients delivery, detox, some ingredients that may cause this reaction are, Niacinimide, Vitamin C, Retinaldehyde Vitamin A, (which is the least reactive of all Retinals, but stimulating)

I try my best to let you know what’s the potential outcome, I’m very transparent about realistic expectations, there are those times of unpredictability factor, it doesn’t mean your skin is being damaged or wounded, quite the opposite, it means your skin is in repair and heal mode.

I don’t use any ingredients that cause harm, thin the epidermal barrier, no excessive peeling, no toxic chemicals, ever... my skin care motto is based on Corneotherapy, Do No Harm, Protect and Preserve the Epidermal Barrier. Every ingredient and method I use is non wounding, and will help to address and repair damage and compromised immune system of the skin, every step of the way.

However, just because an ingredient my be organic, healthy, non-toxic, doesn’t mean anyone won’t have some reaction to it. I do my best and use my expert knowledge to gauge what active ingredients I believe your skin needs at every facial therapy session. 

I use a holistic method called Skin Mapping. It has to do with the whole body skin connection. The skin being the largest organ of the body is the dumping ground for what’s going on internally, which directly relates to various areas of the face, neck, chest and it all connects internally. 

To reiterate, If your skin gets a bit heated or red, flush during or after a facial therapy session with me, it’s because, that’s part of your skin and internal immune systems response to; 

(healthy healing and positive change).

This does not represent and should not be mistaken for unfavorable outcome on my part, or bad ingredients, bad procedures, bad judgment about what I’m using or performing on you.

The fact is, the products are doing their job to repair and strengthen your epidermal barrier, whatever reactions you may have are 100% temporary and will subside, the outcome and long term gains is well worth the potential short term increased activity.

I don’t have control of what you’re using on the daily unless you’re using my suggested products, which I 100% guarantee to work.

So, if you go home after a facial with me and use something I’m not aware of, you’re basically on your own.

I go over all this information during your history evaluation so we are crystal clear and on the same page.

Another thing I’d like to mention, if you come to me after an intense body treatment from another practitioner, ie, cupping, whole body lymphatic drainage massage, any whole body massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, please know that you are in a state of healing, and that my facial therapy services are intense, you’re with me for two hours, full on experience. It’s a bit much and overload for your body to handle to many services as such in one day, especially back to back. I know many spa’s offer back to back services, I don’t suggest it. 

Please do not schedule with me if you are having any such services immediately prior to me on the same day. This also applies to dermatology appointments where you have things burned off.

I highly suggest you schedule a facial therapy session with me on a day you don’t have a lot going on, so you can come in relaxed ready to receive, or not relaxed, I will help you to relax :) and depart slow and easy on your way home

This is very important!

If your mind body spirit and soul are not open and ready to receive, I can’t help you🙏

I invite you to turn off your mind, cell phone, and conversation, it’s about your health and wellness, I don’t speak unless I’m spoken to, I will explain what’s going on when need be, I will answer to the best of my knowledge any questions you may have, if I don’t know the answer I will search for the answer and get back to you in a timely manner.

I don’t mind a little conversation, but it distracts me from working with you, especially during the massage, and especially during the Luminescence Facial Therapy, as I’m moving around your face neck and décolleté area, so I need to look, feel and listen to your body & skin so I can make adjustments while I’m massaging you. So, talking doesn’t help me or you. :)

💞 Love to All💞