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Vitamin Infusion Therapy Facial

Facial Therapy Price Menu

Holistic Facial Therapies. 

 Where Modern Science merges with ancient Chinese & Thai wellness techniques. 

Supporting the skin as a whole-body approach to inspire healthy & permanent change.

Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, I go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns. I combine the most effective detox strategies with medical grade, non-toxic, topical formulas, internal supplements, and strategic facial therapies to achieve authentic transformations and overall well-being. 

The small yet refined menu of Facial Therapy services offered are mindfully selected and customized to your specific skin care needs at the time of your facial therapy session.


$100 (Body Talk Therapy) no hands on.

Body Talk Therapy will offer you an exclusive skin care evaluation, which will help you to understand how to care for your specific skin care needs. Includes a follow up email with detailed product recommendations and other home care rituals use for you to review. The $100 will be credited towards your initial product purchase. 


$125 (Wellness Facial Therapy) *facial massage & hand massage not included. 

This facial is best suited for those who need some skin wellness and TLC and are limited for time. 

A result oriented facial, using “targeted” corrective powder actives, highly effective serums, & use of advanced modalities, to repair, sooth, maintain and balance your skin's “specific condition.” 

Your skin will be glowing & rejuvenated, you will feel relaxed.

For all Skin Types and Skin Conditions. 


$165 (Abundance Facial Therapy) 

Includes, face, neck, décollete, hand massage.

 Customized to your unique skin care needs, targeted and highly effective corrective powder isolates are blended with various skin condition specific serum actives which will be mindfully and strategically infused deep into the skin tissue, the best part of all... proven to be non wounding and non injury based, advanced skin care methods, no piercing the skin, no peeling of the epidermis, no inflam-Aging of the skin, why? because we don’t have to injure the skin to get the job done, now that’s a healthy concept. 

Using superior quality pharmaceutical-grade, bioidentical and clinically validated to encourage permanent changes, stimulate collagen & elastin uptake, reduce and minimize hyperpigmentation, repair, minimize, lighten and soften most acne scars, reduced, softened fine lines and wrinkles, boost cellular turnover from the dermis up, encouraging rapid new cellular regeneration without causing sun sensitivity. 

In essence, addressing numerous skin issues while 

also offering effective progressive holistic healthy aging maintenance methods. 

 In addition, during this facial you will receive a luxurious, invigorating, relaxing facial massage, which will help to melt away stress, we carry a lot of stress in our face, neck, shoulders, décolletage, encouraging expedited lymph flow where there is stagnation, resulting in reducing inflammation, puffiness, melting away muscle tension, encouraging firmer muscle tone, 

your skin will look feel an abundance of healthy healing invigorating stimulation. 

Facial massage is everything, the topical products I will use 100% work,

I’m not just working on your skin, I will softly encourage you to access your inner special magic 

that connects you to all that exists.

Whole-body relaxation, the art of touch & facial massage goes much deeper on various therapeutic levels. 

For All Skin Types & Skin Conditions.


$180 (Vitality Facial Infusion Therapy) includes massage, face, neck, décolleté, hands & arms.

*This facial therapy is only offered to those who have had prior facial therapies. 

Rev-up rapid cell turnover without irritation, No wounding, No trauma, No down time.  

Think of this facial as a holistic non-peel, without actually peeling. 

It’s like taking your skin to the gym for an intense workout. 

 Generating up to a 30 day collagen production increase, penetrating several high-dose active ingredients. 

Benefits include;

Restores skin function, Increasing inner dermal cellular turnover from the bottom up, rather than peeling the surface of the skin from the top down, which will encourage healthy cellular turnover & new cellular reproduction without harming or sensitizing the skin, you won’t have to worry about sun exposure like the many peels out on the market today which thins your lipid barrier, and makes your skin sun sensitive, which sets it up to fail by way of easily burning in the sun because your skin will be less tolerant, weaker barrier to protect you, for which we should be able to tolerate a healthy amount of sun. Why create a condition (sun sensitivity, thinning of the epidermal barrier) that your skin didn’t have prior, in order to do what? No net gains to be had, ponder on that for a moment. 

We don’t have to subject our skin to those types of invasive and outdated skin care methods anymore by injuring the skin, which causes inflamm-aging. I’m specifically referring to chemical peels, glycolic acid, microdermabrasion, hydro-peel, micro-needling, IPL, laser resurfacing, Retinols, Tretinoin cremes, the list goes on and on, those outdated methods of immune suppressing anti-aging procedures are ALL Pro-aging, 

Inflam-aging methods with zero net gains, once all the puffiness and inflammation subside, which is what you’re seeing as results? What are you really left with? You’re left with the continual chasing of the tail, which will never end, in my professional opinion.  Why put your mental state of being and your amazing brilliant skin through all that anguish when you don’t have to? 

The things that differentiates this facial apart from other facials is that the products I use are pharmaceutical-grade, made in pharmaceutical lab, the ingredients have a (delivery system) which encourages the products to have a better chance of actually traveling down into the skin on a deeper level, rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin, as most products on the market are so large in their molecules that they have little to no ability to penetrate.  The delivery system in the products I will be using on you is called Liposomes and Exosomes, feel free to look those two words up so you can better understand to some degree what I’m using on you. Liposomes and exosomes are made in a pressurized machine, think the hormone patch, bio identical, so the skin recognizes it as its own, made out of soy lecithin, also known as phosphatidylcholine, very small molecule, please feel free to look that ingredient up. Skincare delivery systems such as this offers amazing technological advancements for healthy, non-injury based and clinically validated, proven to actually perform what it’s supposed to do, and helps the ingredients being used to actually penetrate. 

Healthy holistic therapy results will be achieved without injury and will manifest it self and inspire permanent change in the way of minimized fine lines, softened deep seeded wrinkles, firming of lax skin, calms inflammation, reduced, repaired and strengthened specific types of enlarged and broken capillaries, also known as telangiectasia, accelerated repair time for those who suffer with acne, your breakouts won’t linger for days on end and will heal quicker, boosted skin’s suppleness and brighter skin tone, smoother and smaller pores appearance, smoother appearance of scar tissue damage, provides the ultimate dermal remodeling through increasing circulation, boosting immunity, and skin rejuvenation, optimized hydration, lightened hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, reduced facial muscle stress fatigue relief, and so much more.

The facial therapies I offer will help to reinforce, strengthen and support your home care rituals/products.  

Inspiring healthy skin vitality

For all skin types and skin conditions including rosacea. 

Note* Prior facial therapies and home care will be required to have this facial in order to strengthen and repair the epidermal barrier and to prepare your skin prior to receiving the higher activities that are in this facial therapy ritual. 

 *Not recommended for Oncology patients

For faster results a series of Vitality Facial Therapies is suggested, in combination with recommended home care rituals for those with stubborn long term skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Rosacea, Acne, solar elastosis.   


$180 (Luminescence Facial Therapy)

Incorporating Gua Sha Facial Fusion, also known as the Eastern Facelift.

Combining, Thai Herbal Poultice, Gua Sha Facial Fusion.

*This Facial Therapy is deeply relaxing & invigorating.

Inspiring numerous therapeutic benefits.

Relax tense facial muscles with a Thai Herbal Poultice Facial Massage.

  Steamed Thai Herbal Poultice compresses filled with a blend of organic botanical herbs. 

*Note* Not all herb compresses are created equal. The old world craft of making Thai Herbal Poultice compresses is an ancient art form technique, which is passed down through family generations. Each organic  poultice compress is meticulously made by hand, individually vacuumed and sealed for freshness, they are effective and outstanding in quality. All the herbs are grown by a family who owns an organic herb farm in Thailand. This Thais family also provides their wellness herbs to local hospitals in their area. I’m very honored and blessed to have access to these special Thai Herbal Poultice compresses for their purpose in healing.


 Thai herbal poultice compresses are gently and mindfully rolled, massaged onto the surface of your skin, releasing into the skin all their healing botanical, aromatic herbal properties, it’s incredibly soothing and healing.  It helps with melting facial muscle tension, jaw, neck, décolleté muscle tension, reducing inflammation, fluid retention, swelling, helping to relieve (temporomandibular joint tension) aka TMJ.

Thai Herbal Poultice herbs smell incredibly divine, relieving sinus pressure and opening up the nasal passage for better breathing, especially for people who experience seasonal allergies, gently softens the appearance of fine lines and deep seeded wrinkles, provides lifting effects, may reduce tension headaches and sinus congestion, reduces the appearance of dark circles, under eye puffiness, encouraging a more restful sleep. 

The herbs inside the poultice have their individual healing properties that address a variety of skin conditions. 

 ~Part two~

To round off the Luminescence Facial Therapy ritual, you will experience a 

Chinese Gua Sha Facial Fusion Massage, also touted as the Eastern Facelift. 

A combination of specific shapes, sizes and types of Gua Sha stones will be mindfully selected and used. 

Smooth stroking intentional Gua Sha massage movements gliding across the skin will stimulate specific meridian energy points on the face, neck, décolleté, helping to unwind connective tissue and adhesions in the underlying structures that cut off blood, nerve supply.  

Benefits include, restoring mobility, creating space for optimal blood flow, increased oxygen delivery, promoting increased and targeted lymph flow, stimulating nutrient supply, encouraging free energy flow, fine and deep seeded lines will gently begin to soften, overall radiant firming will be inspired. 

 The luminescence~ in your skin will look and feel bright, glowing, lifted, and alive.

For all skin types. 

 I recommend purchasing one of my Gua Sha stones for long term lasting benefits. With each Gua Sha stone purchase I will teach you how to maintain the benefits at home, 10 minutes a day! 

Ditch the Botox and fillers, try Gua Sha, ask me how. 


Offering gentle hair removal for full face, lip, brows and chin $25-55


*All Facial Therapy services include; various selection of gentle enzyme exfoliations, customized organic/herbal facial masks, advanced, non-invasive, non-wounding, modern and old school -modalities- may be used at no extra cost to better enhance the benefits of your facial therapy ritual. 

*Approximate time for all facials except the Wellness Facial Therapy is 90-120 minutes, not including first time clients who require a history/consult evaluation which will be an additional 1/2 hour. 

Please arrive without makeup on your first visit. 

To book your Facial Therapy Ritual please call 707-566-Skin (7546) 

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Vitamin Infusion Therapy Facial

Extra Add-On to any Facial Therapy ritual. 

$25 (Illuminating Wellbeing Masks)

 Breath new life into your skin.  Add on a Cellular Rejuvenating, luxurious face and neck mask, with active & natural ingredients formulated with seaweed extracts, algae, green tea, aloe, oats, oranges, flax, fennel, kiwi, poppy seeds, goji, soybeans. These specialized finishing masks offer a variety of favorable benefits; tightening, soothing, calming, hydrating, nourishing.